Battle For The Planet
The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Through Fear & Alarm They Gain Leverage

For many of us who inhabit the Western countries, in both hemispheres the current state of play regarding the subject of ‘Climate’ has reached an unprecedented situation. We are being informed that our atmosphere has reached a critical impasse, the C02 levels along with methane caused by the onslaught of our greedy industrial society is disrupting the global climate; they don’t speak of ‘warming’ quite so much, it has become ‘climate change’.

Now, ‘Ideals’ are not supposed to be an aspect of science, but our climate is being depicted as having shifted away from a golden optimum, I call this ‘God’s climate’. The media, along with the United Nations, the EU, and other globalist agendas all tout the same narrative.

God’s Climate has been disturbed! 

We are careening, headlong into a future of extreme weather, of rising oceans, melting ice caps, floods, drought, extreme high temperatures, it is not going to be pretty, tornadoes and hurricanes where these have never been seen before…

Except, this is not the case at all.

Weather, it has always been with us, variable, cyclical, and often unpredictable!

Anyone with a degree of curiosity can trace the presentation of how different parts of the world has described its weather. The mass-media of the day provides a clear insight into how climate experts, and boffins have announced macro shifts, accounted for heat-waves, extreme cold bouts, we have had claims of encroaching ‘Ice Ages’ in the 1950’s, claims that we we will all burn in the 1930’s, and of course none of these claims has ever come to pass. The weather has gone through its various manifestations, and cycles, and returned to a kind of equilibrium at every stage.

You might think, well these climate science types can be excitable, liable to hyperbole, climate studies are an imperfect science.

And you would be right. But climate science has taken on a vastly different quality in these times.

We all remember Al Gore and his grave, very self righteous book ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, how he predicted that the oceans were rising, that Pacific islands were being swallowed up and their inhabitants forced to flee to alternative accommodation? How modern, western society was to blame, the industrialists and selfish, myopic consumer masses were killing the planet?

Yes, none of his predictions have come to pass, not one. His book was released to the public in 2006, 13 years ago.

This book, and the continual lecture tours, the flexing of Gore’s considerable political network, ‘friends in high places’ gave this book much greater power than if you, or I had published it.

The whole subject area of climate has been dominated by powerful groups (globalist), funding investments for research and the composition of carefully manicured statistical graphs and po-faced conclusions deftly positioned to represent the ‘gun to the head’ on climate studies.

So, what are their objectives here?

This is not just about the surface level of ‘Ecology’, or the sincere concern of those who genuinely care about humanity; but of course this is how it is all presented.

Those who protest, and disagree with the absolutist position of the climate alarmists are depicted as being ‘Climate deniers’, ‘Obstinate Boomers’, or worse ‘Petro-Chemical shills’.

The science is never settled, this is what science and the ‘Scientific Method’ are actually all about.

1.Observation of phenomenon, looking at what happens in the world, being curious as to why.

2. Forming ideas, accounts, possible reasons, or if you like the classical term: Forming Hypothesis.

3. Designing tests, reproducing principles from observations, experimentation

4.Drawing conclusions, tabling results, analysing results, offering explanations

5. Keeping options open, re-visiting observations, designing new tests, e.t.c

6. NOT forming dogmatic rule books, not being absolutist.

The above have been the pillars of science, knowledge shifts, changes. This new breed of climate scientist is a slave to computer modeling, statistics, cherry picking results.

Media involvement with climate seems to be the conduit of headline-driven ‘right think’.

Thou shalt comply with climate change dogma, or be outcast from the society of good people.

The ‘information war’ is nowhere more visible than with the climate narratives.

Those of us who resist the climate arguments from the alarmists point to decades of similar media proclamations inviting us to become anxious with new ice ages, or deserts and destructive heat.

The cycles, and variations of weather play out as always. Drought, El Ninio cycles, wet, warm, cyclonic, tornados, intense cold. If there is a major volcano one year it can have devastating knock-on effects for agriculture, air travel and local climate. None of us are claiming industrial pollution, or rampant resource usage is a good situation.*

The recent “Climate Action” rallies being held across the western world, along with the United Nations initiatives for anti-hydrocarbon fuel usage, justified by ‘Greenhouse’ gas emission levels, are deeply concerning for reasons that many of the participants are perilously unaware.

Ignorance, and misinformation are significant features of today’s ‘Information War’, but these conditions are achieved via the clever use of ‘virtue’.

The virtuous and deeply concerned people who have failed to attain even a basic level of critical thinking, and science-based discernment.

Of course, to the moderately educated the apparent agreement of science organizations represents a compelling argument; the pivot of this collective ideology-driven position is enabled through the complex web of funding sources, shadowy affiliations that are hidden, obscured by virtue of the ‘iceberg’ of ’causes’ (icebergs have only one third of their total mass visible on the surface).

Navigating, and identifying this ‘Gordian Knot’ of influence, the sources of massive funds, represents a task that is well outside of the brief for a solo investigator; you can be certain that if the United Nations is sitting at the top of this totem pole, there will be numerous entities sitting beneath it, supporting the ‘crown’.

What we are dealing with here is not really about ‘Climate’, or hydrocarbons, or greenhouse gasses, we are actually confronted with the ultimate intention of mass control.

Democracy, freedom, freedom of speech, are kind of inconvenient values to this leviathan of authoritarian intentions.

We can see very clearly that the collective intentions of this Climate movement is disguised, occult.

The EU, the United Nations, both of these colossal repositories of vastly arrogant, innately anti-human, psychopathic authoritarianism are the core sources, the apparently benign ‘clean world’ venture.

I consider that ‘baby boomers’ maybe one of the last outposts of reason, of genuine critical thought, of balance and authentically libertarian intentions.

Perhaps this last stand, this final resistance to the authoritarian, and the corrupt will be our parting gift to humanity?

The parents of the ‘boomers’ fought and endured WWII, maybe the overcoming of this vast evil empire, this enormous nest of vicious vipers is our destiny calling.

This isn’t about clean worlds, or fresh air, no Greta Thunberg, it is about the final collapse of liberal democracy, the imposition of non-hydrocarbon technologies, because …C02.

Go home, Greta Thunberg, resume your studies, learn about science and the history of ideas, don’t allow yourself to be used by this criminal cabal, these psychopaths and plutocrats.

Tony Heller, one of sadly only a few genuine observers, and commentators on the climate debacle, his videos offer us an oasis of critique and clarity.

We don’t know how this will play out, we are against enormously powerful adversaries, but I can promise you this, our freedom and our integrity will not be taken easily, you want a fight? We will give the biggest fight you have ever imagined in your worst nightmares.