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Let’s say you are a Journalist, and you are trying to build your name. All of the mainstream publications practice the same old corrupt game they have always practiced, right? Either you produce the kind of work they want you to produce, or no job.

Let’s say you are an Author, or a writer who wants to promote their books, and also build a name, but you do not know much about the WWW, or how to build media.

You might be an academic who is interested with going directly to people who will be interested in what you do, but you feel constrained by institutional politics, and you also want to operate independently.

All of these case examples can be massively helped through building your own Media Platform, on which you can publish your work, you can produce Videos, a Podcast and publish these directly to your own self managed platform and gain indexation, distribution via the organic spread of information on the Web.

You can choose hosting which is not compromised by ideology, or ‘right think’, located in Europe, or on islands and locations which are beyond the reach of the principal infrastructure owners. Not that you wish to publish anything ‘illegal’, but today even disagreeing with the dominant modes of thinking can see you being ‘cancelled’, erased from the popular media and social media sites.

Terms of Service from the Silicon Valley operators provide the excuse to ignore you, or shut you down.

I can help you with practical, technical resources, media build services, advice, where to go to get your Domain name registered, your media platform hosted. I can help you in ways you probably have no idea about at this stage.

You might be an independent musician who wishes to promote your music directly to an audience you are cultivating, you might want critical advice and help with publishing a Podcast, or a video training course for your instrument.

Education, information, journalism, literature, ideas, philosophy, politics, culture. These are all areas I work with and can help you with.

I have the technical resources, hosting services, the nitty-gritty digital media building skills to help you. WebStruct is a unique, secret resource for the independent creative. I am very upfront, plain speaking, this is why I am just letting you know with plain text here.