eCommerce Set To Generate 4.5 Trillion Dollars 2021

eCommerce Generating $4.5 Trillion This Year

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Selling on the Web is Exploding into the future, get with the program

The internet, the World Wide Web have completely changed the game for us all, but perhaps there is no more upfront expression of this than eCommerce!

Sales are literally exploding with online shopping, people are choosing to purchase everything from web sources, and with the lockdowns, and fear factor of Covid the enormous expansion of online sales is making shrewd entrepreneurs very rich indeed: there are whole new breeds of middlemen placing their services in the chain.

While the leviathans of Amazon and eBay have certainly dominated, there are 10’s of thousands of smaller ventures, street level stores who have gone online, private individuals who operate wholesale/dropshipping ventures, all kinds.

The anticipated revenue for this year is $4.5 Trillion : that is four point five, thousand billion; a number I have problems even imagining.

If you or I were able to get 0.5 of 0.5 percent of this market it would make us independently wealthy for life. The margins are vast indeed.

Online expertise is becoming an incredibly valuable skill set, if you know how to get things done on the Web, you will be in demand.

It is one thing to be able to publish a storefront, and present products, it is quite another to target your presentation to the right kinds of people and convince them to buy from you!

This is the fairy dust of marketing, and positioning, and there are many who claim to know the magic moves: from SEO to advertising on social media the snake oil and medicine shows are garish and loud.

The true name of the game is being specific, knowing your people, the old order of disingenuous sales hype doesn’t wash these days.

Selling is just another term for offering.

The real difference is that we can become crucially specific about what we offer, and how we offer it.

Specialised Credibility

The thing is, as a publisher online you can become involved with eCommerce in some way and access part of this 4.5 Trillion dollar industry.

If you are an independent publisher of a technical, or specialised subject, education, journalism, non-fiction/fiction writing, we can add value and income streams to our publications in a highly credible and focused way.

Just a few thoughts to consider, along with SEO, and reputation building on the WWW, how can you expand on your publication activities to include eCommerce?