Education & Learning Services


If you are an educator, coach, or anyone who wishes to convert their skills and experience into  courses and learning experiences for others to benefit from.

If you are an independent operator who wants to take full advantage of today’s Web opportunities to present learning/training/teaching/to a mass audience then Webstruct has your back.

I can help you to build a fully loaded independent learning media product which your students can access.

It can sound very easy to set up an education publication, complete with classes, quizzes, reviews and exams, not to mention the video learning experiences, but when you come to do this just what options and possibilities are open to you?

I use a dedicated solutions which enable styling and practical layouts.

Putting together a completely independent unique learning platform is now absolutely at your fingertips, with my help and practical building skills we can have your ‘Academy’ up and gaining exposure on the World Wide Web so that potential students can access your offerings regardless of where they might be in the world; your students are out there, waiting to benefit from your distinctive, genuine store of knowledge and experience!

The video below is a critical piece of learning, as IT people we have to keep up with what is developing in the information technology space, if we work for corporate entities, or government institutions we need to bring our skills to the market, and provide access for people to accomplish their objectives.

Education and learning is an ongoing, dynamic process, we never reach an end-point, you are not an ‘expert’ forever, you might possess expertise in specialised areas for a certain time, but unless you keep up with knowledge, respect the process of learning you will rapidly become obsolete, irrelevant.

The good news is that with the World Wide Web we have easy access to teaching materials, updates to knowledge, and discussion groups who can help us to keep up.

Education, and learning have undergone a major revolution, no longer are we compelled to pay university boards and billionaire investment groups who seek to control and dominate the education space; we can build education projects and by-pass the middlemen. Epistemology is the philosophical study of what knowledge truly is, how we know what we know, knowledge has a political dimension, those who seek to control society have owned the universities, the colleges and schools, but people are now taking the initiative and teaching one another, teaching their own kids, we are not helpless, we have the means to teach and learn, and the WWW is our great medium. 

The web is not just about trivial, social media entertainment and making novelty videos, we know the WWW is the most significant communication medium in human history, be a part of it.

Teaching & Learning Is A Dynamic Process


One of the big mistakes people make with creating learning platforms is to make their materials too static, and closed in; you have to be able to connect with each participant so they feel involved and valued, their progress matters to you.

We see all kinds of self promotion and attempts to make oneself exclusive, your student is the true focus, not you!

We can convey this value through offering plenty of interactive, and meaningful milestones for people to receive assurances that they are making genuine progress.

What does this look like?

1.Personalised communications

2. Quizzes that are well thought out

3. Live streaming sessions with Q&A.

I tend to work with small groups and individuals, rather than corporate entities, I find that the more interesting learning experiences are those being offered by non-generic sources; there are plenty of ‘vanilla’ education projects out there, and they all tend to look and feel similar!

This tendency to emulate and copy the corporate ‘stock’ approach is very damaging to learning, people get fed up and disillusioned with online learning because people are not being genuine about it, rather they are too worried about seeming ‘credible’ and so they opt for the glossy, standardized approach.

This part of Webstruct is one that I am developing from my own creative vision for learning, I have also experienced the ennui and hollow feelings that generic education experiences tend to produce; we can do better, and it is up to inspired and creative individuals to deliver their own brand of education, we know how it all looks and feels from our own education experiences: with the web we have the profound opportunity to reinvent how we teach – why would we simply repeat the same old dreary formulas?

If you are wondering, pondering, dreaming, considering presenting your version of teaching/learning I can help you with the practical, technical and aesthetic requirements. Give me a ‘hoy’ and let’s discuss it.

learning and teaching
The WWW offers educators an enormous creative canvas!