Digital Media Building For Today's Communicators*

The Web is now the full focus of today’s world – if you are not visible and active on the major media platforms of our WWW, if you do not have full ownership of your distinctive identity, produce your own content-well you just don’t exist.

Being able to communicate, and effectively engage with the people who make up your specific subject/topic/market area is now more possible, and powerful than ever.

T.V, Radio, Magazines & Newspapers are no longer the principal media types. Your presence on legacy media is almost worthless.

Discover how you can build your own digital resources, your “media platform” TO which you publish your distinctive content, and FROM which you then distribute your content across the World Wide Web.

This is a unique, valuable community, not simply an impersonal ‘corporate’ service. The 21st Century is in progress!

* So…what do I mean when I say “Communicators”? If you happen to be someone who uses specialized communication types, to teach,  to inform, to convince and influence – if you are an Academic, Journalist, Therapist, A worker in the realm of Ideas, someone who produces a lot of language, writing, video, audio. For the long-term view, you need to be building your place, establishing your identity as it connects to your specific professional area! You need to get started, and you need powerful, effective technical and creative support services.

Today unless you are visible, and present on the World Wide Web you just don’t exist for the majority of your audience. Then we have the actual process of building an audience. What I am presenting here is a comprehensive means to create your WWW visibility. What happens if I, or someone, does a Google search on your name/your area? This is what I am talking about, what is your field, and where are you in terms of the web? Additionally you should be building your own media assets, do you want someone else’s media business to eclipse your identity? Where will YOUR name as it links to your field of work “be” in 2-3-5 years time? 

Today's media

Teaching, informing, connecting, sharing, presenting. Audio, Video, Textual. All of the digital media types. Course building, essay, article and larger text presentations, Video, Podcast production & hosting. I offer technical and creative services not available anywhere else. This is the 'non-corporate' option for real people.

Technical Support

Unique technical services dedicated to media growth on the web-forget the hype merchants this is the genuine thing. Benefit from WebStruct's collective experience, and its people.

creative support

Writing, language, audio, video help with production and presentation. Learning resources for course creation-content production on the web is a specialized skill-set, you are helped in developing this.

your identity

You need your own name on the web. Why sacrifice your uniqueness, build on it, flourish from it. So many people are being soft-soaped and convinced to go with 3rd party services. You wanted to work on the web to build your own path!

If You Understand The Critical Importance

This is not for everyone’. The range, scope and quality of these services are specifically created for the professional, the discerning and unique, people who wish to build their own path, their own content and have this powerfully supported.

If you seek to forge your independent path, to be well known, visible, renowned  for what you do, if you desire to build your profile, your reputation, your distinctive qualities.

If you wish to present your work, your services, your content to a specific audience – I can powerfully help you. Build your Media Platform, commence construction on your digital media place in the world. Be supported, assisted, nurtured, technically reinforced. Get Tangible!

take the opportunity

There are all kinds of slick looking and exclusive services being presented today, many of them ring hollow, they are all ‘front’ and no substance, I see many ‘launch’ based programs which present a few free videos to build the hype, they collect sign ups and then offer very expensive programs to you, 10’s of thousands and you might think this will assure you of great success, we know there can be no such assurances made!

Yes, personalities can be seductive, and many of them are very clever in how they rope-you-in, seeming to know your insecurities and doubts and offering you packages which apparently can solve all of your problems, they also appeal to those who think they are now with the “inner-circle”-this is very different.

WebStruct is very much about solid, practical technical resources, genuine skills and communication insight, presenting your media to the right audience and in the right way.

Don't Seek Perfection!

One of the really big mistakes people of good intentions make is to think their presentations have to be perfect, slick, corporate looking. This is very wrong, digital culture is more concerned with being genuine, by-passing the mainstream, moving away from the typical approaches of the past. Sure, you need to look professional, but this is not the same thing. We need to know what we are talking about, and get this across to your audience.

Don't Be Deceived!

There are too many slick types out there, seeking to collect your custom, they don’t care about your goals, or your story. Do you want to be part of something real, a community and set of resources which can actually help you to move ahead, or do you want to think you are a member of the ”Millionaires’ club? This is for people with genuine intentions I know it will not appeal to some people, but I don’t seek to work with those people, I would rather work with you!

Let's Begin

I am excited to hear about your goals, your ambition to build your own identity and distinctive path and I know that I can help you towards this outcome. This project is a little different to all of the usual offerings out there, I thought about what I would want for my own Podcast, my own work and this is what I am providing – genuine skills and resources which can make the difference for you, the same ones I have learned and use myself.

Enter your details, and a brief description of your goals, I will let you know if I can work with you, and the best way forward!

Distinctive, Unique People

Large Outcomes Can Begin Very Simply