Why Blogging is The New Publishing Mass Media
Blogs now represent a 'mass media' for a bewildering range of subject and business areas

WWW Publishing v.s Old World Gatekeepers

We have many who seem to be involved with ‘Blogging’, they will tell you it is a fantastic way to make lots of money, they appear to be just like those people from the ‘Warrior Forum’, completely obsessed with money, and ‘crushing it’.

If that is your cup of tea, and this is all you ever think about, the path to easy money, then I am not really talking to you.

You should join the herd of people who provide the fodder for the self styled ‘gurus’ of this field; there are millions of them, and they represent the giant ‘Make money online’ (MMO) niche.

This direction, this attitude, this empty dream has sucked in a staggering quantity of people, they are impossible to reach, they are way too busy working with ‘magic smoke’ to take any notice of any other information, or message.

If, however you have a long term vision, if you seek to build something of true value, if you can see that blogging is a type of ‘mass media’, then we have something to work with.

Look around you, on the web.

Do you see any of these gurus, and millionaires producing anything of genuine value?

Can you see their training courses, and garish presentations, their loud mouthed videos attempting to seduce you to enter their ‘funnel’, like a Black Widow spider?

For the mere cost of $7, you can unlock the secret hack which has made me $100,000 in the past 30 days!

Does that headline look familiar?

There are hundreds of such headlines, cunningly crafted to attract you, to trigger your sense of ‘missing out’ on golden opportunities, of your fear of being poor, of your insecurities-unless you join the guru’s benevolent community, where, ‘step-by-step’ they will transform you, from your current, struggling position, to becoming a genius, a highly skilled web meister, earning 10’s of thousands from the “Traffic” of the World-Wide-Web.

Yes, I think we know this language, it is familiar to us.

Perhaps you have been snared, in the past, recently even?

As a reasonably decent person, you just want to be able to benefit from the digital economy.

I get it.

There is another side to Blogging, and publishing on the WWW.

Maybe this is not as familiar to you, perhaps you have not recognized it, amidst all the noise and hype, the crowded side-show-alley of Internet Marketing.

The freak show that is the market place for online profiting, sometimes hides the credible, and powerful reality that blogging has become.

If you are a skilled person, someone who has developed a talent, or a specific ability, you might have genuine experience which you have worked towards and succeeded in actually achieving.

You might be an academic, or an aspiring journalist, an experienced journalist, a teacher, or instructor, a college lecturer, a trades expert, a builder, mechanic, laboratory researcher, a scientist, a mining expert, an oil rig worker who knows the game, a writer, aspiring author, a medical specialist …there are many possibilities.

You can build your blog = your media company.

You can publish all types of media to your blog: Podcast (a whole other world of production possibilities), Video training courses, or information presented in an entertaining and attractive way to teach others who might long to enter your field, or wish to know more about it.

Have you heard of ‘Top Gear’? One of the most successful ‘infotainment’ productions out there, about the automotive industry. You can take a leaf out of that book, and also present content with a personality-driven humor laden approach, it works!

Because you are publishing to your own domain, your identity is incrementally built up.

Your reputation is steadily manifested, your name becomes associated with your particular area of work/expertise/practice; your published content can also be Syndicated.

What is this ‘Syndicated’ I hear you ask?

By this I simply mean distributed, to significant platforms, to social media groups and pages, to forums dedicated to your specialty, essentially you are building a head quarters on the World-Wide-Web from which your published work is branded under your name-this is extremely powerful.

This is how the big media companies are able to get their name and content in front of your eyes.

This is not only available to the big dogs, this is something that is available to you also, if you can shift your mental attitude towards building a very long term, solid, powerful digital identity for what it is you are known for being.

This is the ‘mass media’ of the 21st Century, and it will continue to grow, becoming an essential ‘must have’ if you are going to, not only survive, but flourish in today’s digital economy.

This is not about flash, and garish banners – this is about creating your sustainable, growing media company.

If you are serious about developing your success, growing your projects, getting your ideas and unique ways of solving problems out in front of the right eyes, attracting people who are interested in your field-becoming tomorrows ‘name’ for your work area, then this is the path.

This little guide will provide a practical insight into what is required, and needed to build a genuine WWW-based media organization for your benefit, it is kind of essential as time moves forward. Don’t be left behind.